Zte Eco-Mobius

15 Jun


ECO-MOBIUS | Easy Upgrade with Low Cost.

Mobile phones are evolving fast. To keep up with the trend, people have to keep upgrading their devices, which are outdated very quickly. Buying a new device just for a better part or parts is costly and wasteful. ZTE designed a freely assembled and upgraded modular phone called ECO-MOBIUS. The phone is divided into four independent modules: LCD, core, camera, and battery. The LCD module includes the screen and lens; the core module consists of a removable CPU, GPU, ROM and RAM and other electronic parts. The four modules can be easily disassembled and assembled through a sliding track design. In the ECO-MOBIUS series, main components are designed to be easily accessed and removed to make upgrading smooth, inexpensive and less wasteful. The CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, camera, battery and display all fit within a modular framework that has a standard design across the whole ECO-MOBIUS series.