STC Memento

27 May

The STC Memento is one of those products that are at the convergence of a great idea, and marvelous execution. Each disc shaped Memento is 3D printed in either plastic or metal. They come in two sizes and a wide array of materials (including precious metals, for those perfect jubilee moments!) Each material brings a different dimension to the STC Memento and you can choose between polished and matte finishes. The STC Memento’s design makes it a beautiful choice for a pendant, or bracelet ornament. Especially if you opt for the silver, gold, rose gold or platinum build. The plastic/aluminum/steel variants can be hung in a keyring too, or converted into a push-pin for your bag. They even come with custom-made story cards, and image files that you can use to make your own memorabilia. Is there any better way to celebrate a special day?! I think not! So go ahead, gift yourself a solar-system selfie!

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