Lensball Pro

12 May


Lensball is the ultimate photography tool. A unique way to capture your world. It flips things upside down, gets them in focus, and lets you see much more than you normally would. Available in 60mm and 80mm variants, this perfect sphere made from K9 crystal completely flips your world upside down, both literally and figuratively.
The Lensball adds a real life photo filter (and an absolutely beautiful one at that) to your photos. Perfect for almost any photo, be it in a natural or urban setting, be it of a product or a person, the Lensball draws attention to your composition by flipping things 180° and giving them a rather nifty fish-eye effect. It even comes with a convenient carrying case so that it doesn’t get damaged, whereas the K9 crystal gives it scratch-resisting properties (K9 is one of the most commonly used materials in lenses and optics).
Although a word of caution, the Lensball being a pretty large lens, can magnify the sun’s rays too… so use with care in direct sunlight!

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